Class & Grading Information 

Tiny Tots

Suitable for the finest of dancers aged just 2-5 years. Classes are short in duration and filled with fun. This introduction to Irish dance, music and rhythm will give your little one the basic techniques to progress onto the next stage. They will be dancing along just like Emma Wiggle in no time!


At beginner level the foundation and basic techniques of Irish dancing are learnt in the form of a Reel, Jig and Single Jig. Beginners wear soft shoes for all classes but may start to learn the basic hard shoe movements. 

Dancers at this level may enter competitions at local level and may also participate in grade examinations

Primary / Elementary

The next level up steps start to become more intricate with faster footwork. Primary and elementary dancers will learn Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes, Slip Jigs and Traditional Set Dances and require the use of both soft and hard shoes. Dancers can enter local competitions and participate in grade exams.

Intermediate / Open

Dancers who progress to intermediate / open level will learn difficult, fast footed choreography at a high standard that will enable them to compete (if desired) at world class levels. Dancers at the level will have opportunities to enter local, state, national and international competitions. They may also qualify to compete in the prestigious World Championships. Dancers at this level may also participate in grade examinations.

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Ceili (Team dancing)

Ceili refers to dancing in teams. Teams are danced in groups ranging from 2 dancers to 12 dancers to a set syllabus as well as own choreography dances. All teams are danced in soft shoe. For dancers in Primary level and above.  Ceili dancing promotes team work, friendship, fun and fitness.  

Fitness and Drill

Fitness and drill classes aim to increase the dancers stamina, power and strength. It will also focus on the complexities of Irish dance techniques. Correct technique combine with a health strong body and mind will reduce risk of injury. We are dedicated to helping your child develop their dancing ability while nurturing a positive self-image. 

Stretch and Pointe

Classes instructed by trained ballet and contemporary teachers to give our dancers an edge in flexibility and agility. 


All dancers at all levels will be given opportunities to participate in various performances such as school fetes, community events, weddings, St Patrick Day events and fundraisers. 

Higgins academy also offers an end of year concert showcasing each and every one of dancers. 

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