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2023 Fees

Active Kids and Creative Kids Registered Provider.

Fees: Image

Fees 2023

We offer multiclass and sibling discounts! Keep scrolling down to see more

30 min classes

$15 per class

Stretch, fitness and drill 30 min class 


45 min classes

$18 per class

2 hour classes

$30 per class

Registration Fee

Annual Registration $40

Fees: Price List

Muliticlass and Sibling Discounts

For dancers taking multiple classes and styles

Multi Class DIscount

Percentage discount will automatically apply to students tuition as they enrol in addtional classes

2 or more classes - 5% discount 

3 or more classes - 10% discount 

4 or more classes - 20% discount

5 or more classes - 30% discount 

6 or more classes - 45% discount 

10 or more classes - 50% discount

(will be applied after enrolment)

Sibling Discount

A percentage discount will apply to a student class charge if they have one or more siblngs enrolled in at least one class. The lowest charged sibling will recieve the sibling discount

Sibling Discount - 25%

*applied in addition to the multiclass discount

(if applicable)

Fees: Price List

Private Lessons

Private Lesson

20 mins

$25 per session

Available on request to students who attend all available classes

Fees: Price List

Fee Policy

  • Fees are calculated  on the rates shown above. 

  • From January 2023 Auto payments are required via the Studio Lab family portal enrolment system. Before you can enrol a student in a class you must enable the automated payments feature on your family account page. by enabling this you agree to class charges being applied on the due date for each billing period.

  • Payable via credit card auto payment.

  • Tap and pay facilities are availble at the studio for other purchases such as uniforms. These incur a 2% processing fee. 

  • We accept both active and creative kids vouchers. 1 voucher per dancer per term can be applied. Vouchers must be emailed to at the commencment of each term.

  • Private lessons are subject to availibility upon request for dancers that already attend all availble group classes 

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